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A brief discussion on the technology and application of rubber additive granulation

Author:admin Time:2017-07-22 21:16:08
At present, there are four kinds of pre dispersed granulation methods for rubber additives.
1. Dry granulation, [pair roll]
Two. Wet extrusion granulation
Three, rotary belt condensation granulation
Four, the carrier predispersed coating granulation.
All the above methods can be used according to the characteristics of the additives.
1, the roll type dry granulation is characterized by mechanical pressure and additives of powder molding, without adding any dispersing and wetting material, the production of products, to ensure the "authentic", "pure" dominant, and simple technological process, highlighting the "compression", increase the proportion of accumulation, reduce the drying process, such as this method can be used as components of antioxidant compound, with each single component into the mixer according to the proportion of antioxidant, mixed, mixed powder granulation tabletting, after crushing and screening, flake compound particles of irregular;
2, wet granulation, coexist in solid powder and liquid, adding adhesive, wetting agent, dispersion in solid phase mainly, using self-adhesive dispersion, pressure applied by mechanical, material in solid particle on the interface interaction between liquid adhesive, compaction, extruding and pelletizing method, from the set of template hole extrusion, forming a certain shape and uniform size particles, the shape is commonly a cylindrical diameter of 1 8.0mm. The characteristics of wet granulation are: solid liquid phase coexist [low wet matter content to low softening point material, or no wet parts, but the granulation process makes local softening or melting of materials, forming solid liquid phase coexistence. The basic particles in the solid phase have no plastic deformation, and the granular materials after granulation should be dried and dry and the materials with low softening point need to be dried and cooled. For non self adhesive materials, a binder or a solvent that can dissolve the solid phase should be added to granulation for granulation. This method can be used as accelerator M, DM, CZ, D, NS and so on.
3. Droplet granulation. [revolving belt type condensation granulation. The use of auxiliary material of low melting point or low softening point according to the material properties, melt viscosity, by distributing device special molten liquid material evenly distributed in the strip below the uniform speed, cooling spray device and continuous strip is arranged under the action of the material on the move, in the transport process is cooled and solidified, forming a hemispherical, strip, sheet products, so as to achieve continuous granulating. Using this method, the granulation, such as anti-aging system: RD, 4010NA, 4020, DTPD, and adhesive additives such as organic cobalt salt series; processing additives such as plasticizer, wax, dispersant, homogenizing agent, release agent, octyl tackifying resin etc.. Droplet condensation and granulation can be used for continuous liquid condensation and solidification. The product has regular shape, no sharp angle and high grain yield. It can also control particle size specifications through adjusting the distributor speed or feed flow rate.
4, the carrier is in pre dispersed coating granulation: quantitative polymer as the carrier, the quantitative rubber particles, uniformly pre dispersed into the polymer, so that the formation of auxiliary carrier particle surface coating layer, at the same time by the polymer particle, auxiliary material mutual adhesion, aggregation, and through extrusion molding machine, extrusion strip, by cutting machine for punching cylindrical product specifications. Its diameter is 4 6mm, and the length is in the range of 5mm. The carrier pre - dispersed coating granulation method can use wax and stearic acid as the carrier to cover the powder products and make it a regular particle. This method can be applied to most accelerators, such as M, TMTD, DM, NS, CZ, etc., as well as activating agent Zinc Oxide [CR crosslinking agent], filling and reinforcing agent, such as carbon black, calcium carbonate and silica, can be granulated by carrier pre dispersed coating. It is completely clean and two powder, available in different colors to distinguish between varieties, easy to identify, prevent the use of error, to aid the activation and coupling effect, dispersion of subject and rubber additives, affinity.
Rubber auxiliary granulation, due to physical conditions, to distinguish between "Lord and servant" and "Dan", not "maid", not "distracting" to cover flaw Yu, to lose the main function and use shall prevail.
Granulation engineering rubber additives, rubber industry for the promotion of green environmental protection, reduce or eliminate rubber additives in rubber products with dust pollution in the process of refining, plays a big role, we must vigorously promote, although the ratio of raw material additives is expensive, but worth it, if we can reduce costs in the processing link, the cheaper price some, for small and medium-sized enterprises to promote rubber, is also used, do small profits, to support and accelerate the process of green manufacturing Chinese rubber, finally realize the grand industry strong and beautiful rubber rubber!