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Increasing reutilization rate of rubber

Author:admin Time:2017-08-09 11:07:00
The waste rubber industry is developing vigorously in the field of resource recovery and reuse. At present, the industry of waste rubber recycling is facing market pressure, special pressure, policy pressure and environmental pressure. It is estimated that the whole industry output will remain at last year's level this year, but the benefits will decrease. Starting in October last year, the waste rubber recycling industry, which has been the seller's market, began to feel the pressure of the market, and the large scale enterprises were under more pressure.
The situation of waste rubber recovery and utilization is still grim. According to the data, at present, the output of reclaimed rubber is 500 thousand tons, the output of rubber powder is 100 thousand tons, and the sales income of reclaimed rubber and rubber powder is 3 billion yuan. It is estimated that the production and sales volume of reclaimed rubber and rubber powder will increase by 4% this year.
For the waste rubber recovery and utilization of this industry, the development and application of new technology, new technology and new equipment, the level of equipment has been greatly improved. The statistics of recycling and utilization of waste rubber show that the output, profits and profits and taxes of reclaimed rubber and rubber powder increased significantly compared with the same period last year, but exports were still severely hindered.
Waste rubber recycling enterprises should maintain their own characteristics under multiple pressures. The development of industry should focus on the application of advanced technology and management, and environmental protection must meet the standards. It is necessary to promote the transfer and application of scientific and technological achievements, focusing on safety, efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction and technological innovation. In the structural adjustment and development plan of waste rubber recycling, we should clarify the industry development goals, put forward the train of thought for optimizing the industrial layout, and support the development of enterprises with advanced technology and excellent products. Waste rubber related enterprises should improve their productivity, increase investment in technology, develop new products, and pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection.
At present, the main parts of the recycling of waste rubber in China are HUAIFANG in Shandong and Zhejiang in Jiangsu. The number of rubber recovery in these areas is large, mainly due to the waste tire. Local enterprises also need to focus on the present, expand the recycling and processing channels, carry out market research and improve the recovery rate of rubber industry.