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  • Address:New material Park, Changwang, Yangzhong, Jiangsu
  • Chairman: Wang Guozhen
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Respectful friends from all walks of life:
I am glad to share with you the heart of the Honghui rubber products at this moment.
Wang Hui is a big family, carrying countless employees in a child's vision, and the pursuit of stability in adult. We have an obligation to make every trust newfair employees get maximum life guarantee. Just like we should strive for product excellence and strive for high-performance products, which is a consistent feedback to customers and a consistent adherence to good word-of-mouth.
Twenty years is heavy for a life, even unbearable, but for an enterprise, but RUNSA are only see the gold time. It's such a team. Our products have marched from a single variety to diversification. Products are widely used in aerospace, electronic communications, semiconductor, rail transit, automotive, construction machinery, photovoltaic, solar energy, water treatment, electric tools, medical and other industries. The leading rubber product industry is imperative. Our management team is mature and wise, and I believe that they can help them, and our business will go ahead and burst out the greatest brilliance.
Honghui person employed the great responsibility, the future of hongyuan. Looking at the moment, only refuses to be impetuous, refuses to be rough, and refuses to be dull, so that every opportunity can be grasped accurately. We open up the market, forge ahead, to join the public welfare, the source of drinking water. In the next three years, we will follow the three - in - one value concept of employees, customers and social responsibilities. Move unswervingly towards the target of listing.
In the long run of future years, I believe that because of Honghui, we will live closer together, our cooperation will be more profound, and our trust will be more solid.
I extend my hands and look forward to working with you!